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Warp and Weft: Lessons in Drafting for Handweaving

    Warp and Weft: Lessons in Drafting for Handweaving
    Author: Mariana Eriksson, Gunnel Gustavsson, & Kerstin Lovallius; translated by Carol Rhodes, technical editing by Becky Ashenden
    Details: Trafalgar Square, 2020. 9.75" x 6.75", softcover, 187pp.
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    This remarkable drafting book, now available in English, is a perfect mate to The Swedish Weaving Book. The same three authors present us an extensive collection of weave structures complete with full drawdowns and profile drafts. A close-up photograph of the woven fabric is shown in adjacent each drawdown, and the text goes into detail about each structure in a straightforward understandable manner. After the multitudinous variations of plain weave, twill, and satin, come the whole family of block weaves (including block damask, halvdräll, overshot, and crackle). Another chapter includes honeycomb, cord, corduroy, lace weaves, liseré, waffle weaves, crepe and piqué. Still more chapters describe double, shadow and corkscrew weaves, color effects, lampas variations. Drawloom techniques are included at the back of the book, offering several weave structures to choose from. Every serious weaver will benefit from this fabulous book which will be returned to as a resource time and time again.