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Broderier från 50- och 60-talen (Embroideries from the '50s and '60s)

    Broderier fr&aring;n 50- och 60-talen <i>(Embroideries from the '50s and '60s)</i>
    Author: Ann-Sofie Svansbo & Anna Lindqvist
    Details: Hemslöjdens Förlag, 2015. 7.5" x 75", softcover, 84pp.
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    Even though we do not usually carry embroidery books, this one was so adorable we simply couldn't resist. This is the book for those who love the colorful embroidery that was so popular in the 1950s and '60s. During this period many of the leading textile artists worked closely with Östergötland County Hemslöjdsförening (Handcraft Association). In the book there are ten descriptions of original embroidery, and inspirational images of further examples of the patterns created during this great era of embroidery. Silver roses by Elsa Agelii, a grasshopper in blue and green shades by Ingrid Dessau, and Birgitta Werner-Johansson's brilliantly crafted gemstone series are some of the embroideries shown with pictures and patterns. Writer Ann-Sofie Svansbo has found new uses for some of the embroideries, with careful hand and a great sense of style. The department head of the collections at Östergötland's museum, Anna Lindqvist tells about the artists who worked during this time period. In Swedish.