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De Gåtfulla Överhogdals-bonaderna: The enigmatic Överhogdal tapestries

    De Gåtfulla Överhogdals-bonaderna: The enigmatic Överhogdal tapestries
    Author: Ulla Oscarsson
    Details: Jamtli Förlag, 2010. 9.5" x 10", hardcover, 96pp.
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    The enigmatic Överhogdal tapestries are one of Europe's great textile treasures. The picture narratives, nearly a thousand years old, were created during the transition period when paganism gave way to Christianity. The tapestries were discovered in 1910 in the village of Överhogdal in Härjedalen, the least populated forest region of Sweden.

    The tapestries are in surprisingly good condition with figures in glowing red and deepest blue. A multitude of horses, trees, houses, people, ships and deer invite reflection. What is the story told by the tapestries? Where were they made? Why are they are so well preserved?

    Ulla Oscarsson, responsible for exhibitions and textiles at Jamtli for 30 years, introduces the museum's foremost treasure.

    In Swedish and English.