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Varp och Väft: textilkonstnärerna och hemslöjden (Warp and Weft...)

    Varp och V&auml;ft: textilkonstn&auml;rerna och hemsl&ouml;jden <i>(Warp and Weft...)</i>
    Full title: Varp och Väft: textilkonstnärerna och hemslöjden (Warp and Weft: Textile and Handcraft Artists)
    Author: Gunilla Lundahl
    Details: DB tryck Örebro 1994, 9" x 8", paperback, 78pp.
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    Here is the story of the Swedish handcraft movement, as it relates to textiles from the 1850s to the present day. The author introduces us to 19 textile artists who have been integral to this movement over the last century and a half. These dedicated and talented women have worked tirelessly to perpetuate and pass on the tradition, and their beautiful handwoven compositions designs can be seen on the pages of this special little book.