Ball winder, heavy duty

    Ball winder, heavy duty
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    If you are using some of our beautiful skeins of wool, some kind of ball winder is a must. The incredible design of this luxurious wooden ball winder makes it a fantastic tool to use for winding large quantities of beautifully wound balls of yarn from our umbrella swift. Once our students experience the ergonomics and smooth operation of this winder, there is no going back: it is love at first twirl!

    It is your choice whether use the end of yarn from the inside of the ball, or the outside, or both at once, depending on what is required for your project.

    This heavy duty ball winder is made by a US Company and it is the best we have used in our studio. The distinguishing features and characteristics are:

    • Made of maple hardwood, 10mm and 3/8" diameter steel shafts, and commercial grade, heavy duty Swiss gears.
    • It will wind balls up to 1 lb. and greater.
    • The yarn guide arm can be swiveled 180 degrees to allow for 5 different angles at which the yarn supply can be positioned relative to the ball winder.
    • Includes an integrated yarn tensioner which can provide variable tensioning levels.
    • Includes 2 heavy duty table clamps (5/16" diameter L-bolts). These allow for mounting to table thicknesses of up to 2.5".
    • 1 year limited warranty.
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA with old fashioned engineering expertise and quality materials and manufacturing processes.
    • The handle rotational motion of the HDBW is accomplished by using the user's forearm muscles as opposed to their wrist muscles.