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The Gartner Manuscript

    The Gartner Manuscript
    Author: Gene Elizabeth Valk, edited by Marjie Thompson
    Details: Linen Press, 2006. 9" x 11", softcover spiral-bound, 224pp.
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    This collection of block patterns for weaving is a gold mine for those who enjoy weaving the innumerable structures that use blocks, including rep, overshot, double weave, twill blocks, lace weaves, jämtlandsdräll (crackle), and M's and O's, just to name a few. The book starts with 2-block patterns and continues on to 3-block patterns, 4-block patterns, 5-block patterns, and even a few beyond that.

    Professional weaver Franz Xavier Gartner came to America from Germany in 1832 with his wife and eight children. They settled in New York, where he wove household linens, blankets, coverlets, and rugs for his friends and neighbors. Gartner brought this book of his father's patterns with him. It was found after being stored and forgotten for 90 years. Thank you, Gene and Marjie, for bringing it back to our libraries!