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Finnish American Rag Rugs: Art, Tradition and Ethnic Continuity

    Finnish American Rag Rugs: Art, Tradition and Ethnic Continuity
    Author: Yvonne R. Lockwood
    Details: Michigan State University Press, 2010. 9" x 11.5", hardcover, 249pp.
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    This is the largest and most fascinating book about rag rug weaving that I have ever seen! It contains story after story of specific weavers living in the Finnish American communities of the Midwest, including pictures on each page of their looms, their homes and their work. These looms are fascinating to look at and the stories of the people make you want to keep turning the page. We learn how the skills of weaving and loom making get passed from one generation to the next, as well as the important role these rugs have in their lives. In addition to history, the book includes some technicalities of the weaving process, aesthetics of the designs, and modern influences on the tradition. This book is a real treasure trove of culture and inspiration. In English.