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Varp och Inslag: Bindningslära (Warp and Weft: The Study of Drafting)

    Varp och Inslag: Bindningsl&auml;ra <i>(Warp and Weft: The Study of Drafting)</i>
    Author: Mariana Eriksson, Gunnel Gustavsson, & Kerstin Lovallius
    Details: Natur och Kultur / LTs Förlag, 2008. 7" x 9.75", hardcover, 187pp.
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    Profusely illustrated with clear and close-up color photographs showing nearly 200 examples, including variations on plain weaves, twills, satins, block weaves, color effects, double weaves and lampas, as well as a variety of more unusual structures. A section on damask and drawloom weaving is included. Complete draw-downs and profile drafts are shown right next to the photos for ease of comparison. This book has very little text, which makes it an excellent choice for weavers who don't speak Swedish. The variety of materials, textures, and colors make this book an inspiration for creativity as well as an encyclopedic resource of technical information on weaves that Swedish weavers use. It includes much of the material from Varp och Inslag: Bindningslära 1, and adds a great deal more. In Swedish.