Om Fellen Kunne Fortelle (If Coverlets Could Speak)

    Om Fellen Kunne Fortelle <i>(If Coverlets Could Speak)</i>
    Full title: Om Fellen Kunne Fortelle: Åkletradisjon til inspirasjon (If Coverlets Could Speak: Traditional coverlets that inspire)
    Author: Randi Breiset
    Details: Nord-Trøndelag Husflidslag, 2001. 10.5" x 8.5", hardcover, 112pp.
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    This book is a result of comprehensive registration of local coverlets from the past two centuries done in the '90s in one part of Norway by a local Folk Art and Craft Federation. The inspirational presentation of over 28 coverlets makes this book hard to set down. Most of the patterns are in the skillbragd (smålandsväv) technique using four pattern shafts. There are also some coverlets in monks belt, sjonbragd (dukagång) and even damask. The first half of the book is made up of outstanding full-page photos of the antique coverlets, followed by a few pages of an English summary. The latter half of the book provides clear and comprehensive drafts for each piece. The method for weaving skillbragd is not discussed; however, it can be learned from my Dress Your Swedish Drawloom video even though the technique does not use a drawloom.